Dear Citizen,

Welcome to the Re:public.

Roast Re:public was founded back in 2013, and has grown from a dream into a thriving social enterprise. We run a roastery and a couple of caf├ęs, and very soon our social franchise will be added to this ever growing list.

We roast and sell coffee from our home base in Johannesburg, South Africa. We operate as a social enterprise which means we have a double bottom line as a business and a brand. Ours' is simple - we give away 50% of our profits in the form of education development programs. 

Not only do we pride ourselves in sourcing & roasting the finest coffee beans on the planet, but we also have a huge passion for South Africa and her beautifully diverse people. We have a dream for our country, and that dream is a republic in which education is accessible for all.

Coffee is our currency, education our priority.

We trade a cup of coffee for a day at school.


The Roast Re:public Team



We recently partnered with our new beneficiary called Youth Zones & we are really excited for what the future holds for this partnership. Youth Zones has a footprint in most of South Africa's poorest communities & they currently run more than 40 zones countrywide, reaching in excess of 40 000 our nation's youth.